Application Process

  1. Please submit proposals electronically to chris(dot)walton(at)cribe(dot)ca
  2. We will confirm receipt of the proposal and ask applicants to identify any Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy Board of Directors or staff who may be in a conflict of interest position during proposal review.
  3. The CRIBE Chief Executive Officer will review proposals within two weeks following submission.
  4. Proposals that are complete and have met all key criteria will be presented to the Investment Committee once a month. The Investment Committee may use a third party assessor with experience and knowledge relevant to the proposals under consideration. This individual will be capable of making an informed assessment of the comparative merits of the proposal and advising on priorities for funds. The Investment Committee will have up to four weeks to review proposals.
  5. If the Investment Committee determines a proposal requires further due diligence from a third party service provider, that provider will have up to four weeks for their review. Recommendations from the due diligence process will be delivered by staff to the Investment Committee for a second review.
  6. The Investment Committee makes proposal recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets to make proposal funding decisions either in person or electronically.
  7. Decisions by the Board of Directors are final.
  8. All applicants will be notified in writing regarding the status of their proposal.
  9. Recipients for approved projects will be required to sign an agreement with CRIBE outlining the project and funding terms and conditions.
  10. Successful projects including the recipient's name, project title and project amount will be publicly announced.
  11. If the proposal is complete at the time of submission, the process should not exceed 100 days from onset to the final Board of Director's decision.
  12. CRIBE will accept proposals on the first day of every month. CRIBE's total annual project funding will be approximately $3 million. CRIBE will continue to accept applications until all project funds are committed.