Dr. Ian de la Roche - Former President & CEO - FP Innovations

Dr. Ian de la Roche

Former President & CEO
FP Innovations

Dr. de la Roche's forty-year career experience includes research, strategic planning, and partnership creation between government and industry. In the early 1990's, as ADM, Communications and Consultation, Agriculture Canada, Ian headed the consultation process for the National Agriculture Review. He later led a successful Mission Review and Strategic Planning process at Agriculture Canada that involved 10,000 employees.

As a former Assistant Deputy Minister at Western Economic Diversification, he played a prominent role in developing and implementing programs promoting business development, commercialization of new technologies and major research and development initiatives involving industry, government and university partners. Ian was a key architect of the International Centre for Agricultural Science and Technology and the now very successful Plant Biotechnology Cluster in Saskatoon.

Ian stepped down from his position as founding President of FPInnovations in December 2008. He remains actively engaged in the forest sector, as an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia and as a Business Associate of Timwood AB, a world-leading consultancy specializing in identifying strategic opportunities for the wood products sector. Clients include some of the largest forest product companies in Europe, North America and the Southern Hemisphere. He recently served as interim President and CEO of the Canadian Wood Council.