CRIBE - Centre for Research & Innovation in the Bio-economy

Message from the CEO

As a life-long resident of Northern Ontario I've lived and worked in the forests of Northern Ontario. Historically these forests provided the lifeblood to communities throughout the north. This traditional forest economy, which was the economic engine for most of our northern communities, is experiencing rapid and far-reaching structural change. The time-honoured commodity products such as lumber and pulp and paper have experienced structural change in demand as digital media has replaced newsprint and engineered wood is challenging dimensional lumber.

The Ontario government's Growth Plan for Northern Ontario released in October 2009, clearly identifies the need to adapt and change the traditional forest industry and grow into new fields such as bio-composities, biofuels, environmentally sustainable products and green building components.

Northern Ontario, with its wealth of natural renewable forest resources, has the potential to become a focal point for Ontario's emerging bio-economy. It's my goal that CRIBE will lead, support and nurture the development of an innovative and sustainable bio-economy. We have the opportunity to collaborate with local industry, entrepreneurs and regional and provincial research facilities to be part of the catalyst of change that Northern Ontario needs in these transitional economic times.


Lorne Morrow RPF
Chief Executive Officer

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