How To Apply

If you feel your project meets the Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy's eligibility criteria, please send us your project business plan. Submissions must include the following and be a maximum of 10 pages excluding appendices:

  • A one page executive summary that clearly communicates the project goals and timeline.
  • A bio-based product or process description with reference to literature review and competitive analysis (to be included as appended material).
  • Description of the Intellectual Property strategy (if applicable).
  • A market plan and analysis. The application is expected to demonstrate that the participants have an in-depth understanding of the market opportunity for the bio-based product or process, based on sound market intelligence, including knowledge of the scope and scale of markets and customer needs.
  • Sales forecasts.
  • Organization chart and biographies of staff involved with the project.
  • Financial information sufficient to demonstrate the financial viability of the proposal and the proponent's ability to provide their share of the proposed project funding (to be included as appended material).
  • A project budget. Provide a detailed breakdown of the total expenditures expected for the project outlining participant contributions - in kind and cash - and requested contribution from CRIBE.

Your project business plan should also address:

  • What will be the benefits for northern Ontario?
  • How can an investment by CRIBE help your organization?
  • What will be the other sources of funding for the project? Applicants must declare if other provincial funds will be used as part of the matching contribution.