Program Requirements

Funding Principles

The Province of Ontario is the principle funding partner for the Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy.

CRIBE funding can only be applied to eligible expenditures incurred by for-profit companies, publicly funded research centres, universities and colleges that are located in the Province of Ontario.

CRIBE funding can be in the form of grants, loans (including interest-free or interest-bearing, and with outcome-linked conditions for repayment), or a combination of the two.

A grant or loan to any one organization can range from $150,000 to $1 million. In exceptional cases, projects valued above or below these amounts may be considered.

CRIBE will invest up to 50% of the total project costs. Participants are expected to contribute at least 25% of the project value as cash with the remaining matching contribution as eligible in-kind contributions. Other sources of project funding are encouraged and their presence will make the project more attractive for CRIBE funding.

Scope of Project

CRIBE investments are expected to commercialize forest biomass material and create wealth. This could include incorporating existing market-ready bio-based materials, chemicals, fuels or processes into Ontario-made products, concepts or processes. Commercialization must be illustrated through product sales or buyer commitment at the end of the project.

Projects involving only proof of concept research will not be funded.

Projects that do not involve the use of forest biomass will not be funded.

Technical Challenge

Projects must advance the bio-economy in northern Ontario. A literature search, patent search and competitive analysis should be conducted and findings should be included in the project proposal.

Project Reporting

Throughout the duration of the project - at identified milestones - participants are expected to submit status reports, including financial claims to CRIBE. Report preparation is the responsibility of the recipients.


All reasonable methods will be taken to protect the confidentiality of information submitted on proposal applications.