DOMTAR Dryden - CRIBE is providing up to $6 Million in funding to leverage a total project value of up to $14 Million for a partnership between Domtar and Battelle to develop a new approach to converting underutilized wood to fuel.
FPINNOVATIONS LIGNIN PILOT PLANT Thunder Bay - The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE), through funding provided by the government of Ontario together with Natural Resources Canada is investing in FPInnovations to operate a new world-class lab and demonstration plant at the AbitibiBowater mill in Thunder Bay.
CONFEDERATION COLLEGE CRIBE is providing $467,212 to a partnership with Confederation College to develop the Bio-Energy Learning and Research Centre (BLRC) which will contain a fuel testing lab, demonstration space, and a separate 150 KW boiler dedicated to research and learning with associated emissions monitoring equipment.
LAURENTIAN UNIVERSITY Sudbury – The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) is partnering with the new School of Architecture at Laurentian University on a demonstration building that will showcase the use of solid wood and cross laminated timber (CLT).
CRIBE’S $350,000 investment will be used to fund the cost of designing and building the library wing at the demonstration building using CLT.
MAGNA Exteriors and Interiors CRIBE is pleased to announce $1,300,000 investment with Magna Exteriors and Interiors to develop green technology in auto manufacturing. This initiative will help create jobs in the automotive, pulp and paper, and packaging industries.
G2BIOCHEM AND LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY Thunder Bay - CRIBE is providing $3 million for an innovative partnership between Lakehead University's Biorefining Research Initiative (LU) and G2 BioChem in Chatham.
G2 BioChem's facility is the only one in the province that will allow the complete breakdown of wood fibre outside of a laboratory environment. This unique opportunity will allow Thunder Bay to be at the forefront of new uses for forest biomass.
GREENCORE COMPOSITES TORONTO - The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) is partnering with GreenCore Composites to develop a new green technology process that will allow wood fibre to be used in a number of new products for the packaging and building applications, such as pallets and various containers.
ATIKOKAN RENEWABLE FUELS CRIBE is also providing $70,839 in funding to Atikokan Renewable Fuels (ARF) to begin testing various natural additives to wood pellets (to be used for biomass) to improve their performance in cooperation with Lakehead University.
THESIS CHEMISTRY INC Cambridge - The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio Economy (CRIBE) is providing $180,380 to Thesis Chemistry Inc, (THESIS) to produce environment-friendly versions of chemicals from a wood waste product called lignin.
ELEMENTA GROUP Sault Ste. Marie - The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) is pleased to announce a $923,261 investment to expand Elementa Group's Pre-Commercial Demonstration Plant in Sault Ste. Marie.

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