Cribe Invests in Innovative Biofuels Plant

Something Unique, Something Brand New

Partners: Ensyn

Project Location: Renfrew, ON

Benefits: Ehancing Ensyn Technologies' Renfrew facility by increasing production capacity and making it a first-of-its-kind dedicated biofuels plant

$1.5 Million Investment

Making Ontario a Leader in the BioFuels Industry

By enhancing their existing facility in Renfrew, Ensyn will have a fast-to-market option for delivery of their petroleum-replacement liquid biofuel produced from forest residues to heating oil customers in Quebec and Northeastern United States.  

Ensyn’s biofuels business is based on the conversion of wood and other non-food, cellulosic biomass to advanced cellulosic biofuels.  Ensyn’s principal product is RFO™, a liquid biofuel that is a heating fuel and is also a feedstock for refineries for the production of gasoline and diesel. 

This investment will secure jobs and make Ontario a leader in the biofuels industry.