Developing New Markets for the Forest Industry

Unique Lignin Extraction and Evaluation Facility

Partners: FPInnovations

Project Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Benefits: The Bio-economy Technology Centre will provide essential data and product development on an ongoing basis.

$4.4 Million Investment

Keeping Technology in the North

One of CRIBE’s marquee projects, the Bio-economy Technology Centre consists of a pilot plant and laboratory inside the Resolute Forest Products mill. Its focus is to identify and develop new products and to develop a world-class centre of expertise.

This unique facility is a hub for research and commercialization efforts. FPInnovations has a strong collaborative relationship with Lakehead University and Resolute, therefore supporting one of CRIBE’s key aims to create a “cluster” where industry, academic and research institutions work together.

The location inside an operating pulp mill ensures that research is relevant and feasible in an industrial setting.