Developing New Revenue Streams for Pulp Mills

A New More Efficient Way to Operate

Partners: GreenField

Project Location: Chatham and Terrace Bay, ON

Benefits: If successful, this technology will lead to significant economic and operational gains for pulp mills by providing new revenue streams as well as a more efficient way to perform current processes.

Demonstration Technology to be Tested in Northern Ontario

This is a natural extension to an earlier GreenField project supported by CRIBE, which focused on the conditioning and pre-treatment of a variety of biomass including underutilized northern hardwood such as poplar.

The practical application of this technology is to take GreenField’s patent pending equipment - a modified twin screw extruder used to extract and recover clean sugars - and apply it in a pulp and paper mill demonstration project at two mills including AV Terrace Bay Inc. GreenField’s technology may be beneficial as the Terrace Bay mill moves towards converting the facility from conventional NMSK pulp to a dissolved pulp process.