Vision, Mission, Principles and Values


CRIBE will develop and promote a sustainable profitable Ontario bio-economy.


To act as a catalyst in converting Northern Ontario forest resources into profitable quality products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Principles and Values

  • Function as a not-for-profit corporation under Board governance that is both transparent and ethical.
  • Activities of CRIBE will respect the traditions of Aboriginal people and communities.
  • CRIBE funded initiatives must recognize the social needs of Northern Ontario communities and will support projects that create wealth for the region.
  • Adhere to environmental standards and regulations.
  • Support the sustainable use of the forests and forest biomass.
  • CRIBE will, wherever possible, purchase goods and services in the region.
  • Collaborate directly with the Bio-Refining Institute at Lakehead University, Confederation College and with other relevant bio-research organizations.